Teacher’s development program

The teacher is a person. And an important part of this person is a teacher. As such, it urges to find (once more) a place where personal and professional dimensions can interact, allowing for the teacher to appropriate those processes of formation and to give them meaning on the board of their life’s story.
António Nóvoa – Portuguese educator

Teacher’s development is part of ECCOS’ educational vision, a process that strengthens the identity of the educator and promotes longlife learning, aside from enriching the schooling practices with focus on the development of the potentialities of the pupils.

At ECCOS, the theoretical-practical boundary for development by the teacher is set by the self-reflection. This option for staff’s development comes from the individual, and not their knowledge exclusively, it takes into account the professional experience to better the actions taken in school and, consequently, transforms the education practices. The principle of the formative process is the reflexive cycle: from the practical to the practical, leading the teacher through his path that promotes planning, applying, evaluating and re-planning, establishing the cycle that vies for pupils’ progression learning and the differentiation in quality of what the teacher has to offer.

Reflexive cycle “from the practical to the practical”

Amongst the relevant aspects in the teacher’s development, ECCOS emphasizes the concept of “teaching for equity”. In this perspective, the teachers learn to teach in different ways, how to create interactive and collaborative environments for learning, to incorporate technology in their day-to-day actions and how to promote class dynamics in which the students can become the protagonists.

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