Pre and After-Class Clubs

Guided by teachers and specialists, the program was designed to provide students an experience of free expression and contact with a myriad of art languages, strengthening the notion of living together. The program’s goals are:

  • Instigate the curiosity and promote discovery;
  • Encourage students’ agency by means of practical actions such as the production of art pieces throughout its different iterations (theater, literature, dance and plastic arts) and participating in competitions and ludic games;
  • Promoting living together skills amongst children of different ages in a responsible and respectful environment;
  • Practicing the act of listening, favoring the recognition of one’s own emotions and offering support on how to deal with them.


Healthier food habits — With a menu devised by a nutritionist, the children are encouraged to try new meals and to acquire healthier and more sustainable habits.

Study guidance and homework (primary school) — Students organize their own study routine and homework, under the guidance of their teachers.

Workshops and projects

Kindergarten — The offers include culinary workshops, Psychomotricity, Kids Games (in English), Arts and projects that explore the curiosity and interest of children.

Primary School — The offers include Futsal, Judo, Marugoto (Japanese culture and language classes), English workshop, Radio Project, Arts, botany related activities, culinary workshops and Logic Challenges.


An appropriate space for dialogue and decision taking. The children have the opportunity of expressing themselves in front of the group, their opinions, thoughts, criticisms, compliments and suggestions for conflict resolution.