Welcome to ECCOS, an institution dedicated to the development of children from kindergarten to middle school.

ECCOS’ educational program is articulated for a progressive development of the socioemotional competences, is based on learning for comprehension and is thought to nurture entrepreneurship. The educational process initiated in ECCOS Nursery, based on carefully provided stimuli, is followed by experimentation and discoveries throughout kindergarten, systemization of knowledge during elementary school and consolidating an engaged student attitude as well as developing a life project during middle school.

The bilingual development, according to ECCOS’ vision, is essentially within the context of the XXI century. Beginning with kindergarten and deepening until the end of middle school, it becomes an active tool of communication and expression of the student through the myriad different contexts of their lives.

Enriched learning and socialization possibilities are also present in our opt-in program: The Pre and After-Class Clubs, conceived to see to the needs of children from pre-school until elementary, which it takes place in the period opposite to their regular school routine. There is also the Alternativa ECCOS activities, with specific modules of extracurricular activities in regards to movement and sports, arts, culture, technology and entrepreneurship.

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