About us

Our beginnings

ECCOS was conceived in 2010 by a group of professionals and entrepreneurs who faced the challenges and opportunities of this new time, the 21st century. Put into action due to their passion for children and young people’s development and by their desire to contribute in a unique way to their being, this multidisciplinary team started this exchange of experiences.

At the core of ECCOS’ vision are:

  • To nurture learning community formed by students, teachers and staff, all connected by one mission;
  • The development of a critical sense, of a self-reflecting attitude — by the community at large — in regards to their perception of themselves and of the world;
  • The creation of an entrepreneur attitude, based on the belief of the great potential in each one and teamwork;
  • Inspiring awareness about others to our students, for them to perceive those around them as equals and to allow them to develop responsible and solidary relations;
  • The respect of childhood and adolescence;
  • The importance of a school-family partnership in the development of the individual.

The name “ECCOS”

With the publication of “Learning: A Treasure Within”, a report by the UNESCO’s Commission on Education for the Twenty-first Century, in 1996, we drafted ECCOS’ ideology. This document synthesizes, in a unique form, the challenges of education, making a case for the role of the school, of the family and of the student throughout the learning process. The name ECCOS is related to the concept of the “Four Pillars of Education” that was put forth in the aforementioned report; they represent not a state of being, but rather an ideal to be strived towards with firmness and discipline.

With our reimagining of the “Four Pillars of Education” (learning to BE, learning to KNOW, learning to LIVE TOGETHER and learning to DO), ECCOS, as a name, came to be.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP — learning to do
Development of self-confidence and self-discipline along with the ability to work together. Pupils are instigated in their intrinsic curiosity, constantly encouraged to bringing up ideas and making things in a teamwork perspective.

Awareness of the ‘importance of’ and ‘pleasure in’ learning throughout life. Pupils are enabled to take responsibility for their learning and to become lifelong learners (to assume a positive attitude towards learning).

COLLABORATIVE LEARNING — learning to live together
To promote respect, tolerance, generosity, empathy trough sharing practices.

To bring back the idea that human beings have to be developed integrally — intelligence, sensibility, aesthetic sense and ethics — to formulate their own thoughts.

Our mission

Our mission is to contribute uniquely in the development of enterprising, critical and socially engaged citizens through the establishment of solid emotional bonds, stimulus of individual skills and expansion of knowledge.

Our values

  • Respect
  • Lifelong learning
  • Ethics
  • Teamwork
  • Commitment with excellence

Educational approach
Global citizenship
Permanent school projects
Teacher’s development program