Middle school

A sharing and learning environment designed to teenagers’ needs.

With an emphasis on personal development, it is at this stage that students improve the ability of self-control, facing multiple situations of learning and socializing. The reflexive exercise of the young and their responsibilities in regards to their choices will guide their academic lives as well as their lives in the society.

The learning process and studies are presented in an increasingly complex model, based on the theory of learning for understanding, through the progressive inter-relation of contents and subjects, facts and daily phenomena, promoting the development of the thinking skills in levels ever more sophisticated, in a context in which the student is regularly the agent and generates a relation of gratification with knowledge.

The study of additional languages intensifies with the increase in exposure and complexity of study prompts. Situations that explore text comprehension, written prompts and reflection about the application of both additional languages studied at the school — English and Spanish — are promoted. The fluent student applies themselves to projects and activities with our associated international partner schools, which contributes to create a positive learning space for them to reflect on their identity as an individual and to instill respect for other cultures.

Digital technology is a resource that allows us to connect quickly and efficiently with the different agents of the learning situations, within and outside the school environment. The QMágico and Scholastic platforms allow us to offer differentiated resources, the management of results, the access to knowledge and to the cultural diversity inherent to our time.

Concluding this formative cycle, ECCOS exposes their students to the exercise of the values and principles related to living together that will serve them as a solid reference to their action upon this world, preserving empathy that arouses our awareness to the necessity of those encircling us and upon whom they may act.